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Chuck Wagon Gang Discography Ė 1990s

1990 Someone To Talk To (Associated Artists Records AA-1003-CD): Where You Gonna Hide; Wasted Years; Way Down Deep; That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine; Oh Come Angel Band; Someone To Talk To; Traveling Lite To Heaven; Walking On His Highway Of Love; Jesus Must Be Saviní Me For Something; Iím Going Home On The Morning Train.

1990 Old Time Hymns Volume 1 (Copperfield Records Cassette CGC1126): The Church In The Wildwood; Softly And Tenderly; Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown; Bringing In The Sheaves; Standing On The Promises; When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; Gloryland Way; Master The Tempest Is Raging; Heavenís Jubilee; There Is Sunshine In My Soul. (Bettye Goodwin, Ruth Ellen Yates, Patricia Neighbors, Pat McKeehan, Roy Carter, Pat McKeehan/Electric Guitar). (Original release cassette only).

1991 Still Rollin' (Associated Artists Records AA1004CD): Turn Your Radio On; When You Say Jesus Youíve Said It All; When We Sing Around The Throne Eternal; Loveís What Heís All About; In The Name Of Jesus; Waiting For The Call; Forty Years Ago; Homecoming Day; In To The Choir; Silver And Gold. (Debby Trusty, Kathy Watson, Pat McKeehan, Grady Robinson, Pat McKeehan/Guitar, Harold Timmons/Piano).

1992 The Best Of Country Gospel (Associated Artists Records AA-1007-CD ): Lifeís Railway To Heaven; Iíll Have A New Life; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; Daddy Sang Bass; When The Wagon Was New; I Love To Tell The Story; Blessed Assurance; Weíll Understand It Better; Peace In The Valley; On The Wings Of A Dove; Someone To Talk To; Unclouded Day; Dust On The Bible; Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus; Nearer My God To Thee; If We Never Meet Again; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Cabin On The Hill; Family Bible; Precious Memories.

1993 On Tour With Pat, Harold, Debby, Kathy, and Grady (Associated Artists Records AA-1008): On The Sea Of Life; Iíll Go Farther In The Garden; Iíll Have A New Life; When The Clouds Roll By; Inside The Gate; Iím Gonna Keep On Loving You; The Only Gospel Somebody Will Read; Donít You Worry; Old Fashioned Cottage In Heaven; Lord Hold My Hand. (Debby Trusty, Kathy Watson, Pat McKeehan, Grady Robinson, Pat McKeehan/Guitar, Harold Timmons/Piano).

1995 Leave The Light On (Associated Artists Records AA-1011-CD): Leave The Light On Mama; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Till Iím Too Old To Die Young; Paradise Valley; Stand Up For Jesus; Lord Reach Down And Touch Me; I Can Tell You Now The Time; You Held On To Me; What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life; Love Is Not Love. (Shaye Truax, Ruth Ellen Yates, Jim Wesson, Roy Carter).

1996 He Knew Me (Associated Artists Records AA-1014-CD): He Knew Me; When We All Get To Heaven; Shenandoah; Sing To Me Of Heaven; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; I Know My Lordís Gonna Lead Me Out; My Wonderful God; A Piece Of The Old Rugged Cross; In The Sweet By And By; Ring Out The Message. (Shaye Truax, Ruth Ellen Yates, Jim Wesson, Roy Carter).

1996 Radio Favorites From The Columbia Archives (Memory Lane Gospel MLGCD-1014): Iím Telling The World About His Love; Blessed Light, Shine On; On The Jericho Road; He Said If I Be Lifted Up; Put My Little Shoes Away; Will You Meet Me Over Yonder; My Home Sweet Home; Camping In Canaanís Land; The Signs By The Side Of The Road; God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud; If We Never Meet Again; When He Calls Iíll Fly Away; Walk And Talk With Jesus; Traveling On; Iíll Have A New Life; A Happy Day. (D. P. ďDadĒ Carter, Anna Gordon, Rose Karnes, Jim Carter, Jim Carter/Acoustic Guitar).

1999 Live In Lexington (CWG Records): The Son Hath Made Me Free; Gloryland Way; Looking For A City; Gettiní Ready To Leave This World; Jesus, Hold My Hand; Mama Sing; Where The Soul Never Dies; On And On We Walk Together; I Know My Savior Is There; Rocky Road; Echoes From The Burning Bush; A Beautiful Life; Iíll Meet You In The Morning; After The Sunrise; No Tears In Heaven; My Cathedral Of Dreams; Heavenís Really Gonna Shine. (Kasey Owens, Vicki Owens, Jim Wesson, Darrell Morris, Grant Owens/Guitar).

1999 Gospel Classics Hall Of Fame Series Volume 1 (Hall Of Fame Records HOF-601-CD): The Church In The Wildwood; Come Unto Me; After The Sunrise; Echoes From The Burning Bush; The Son Hath Made Me Free; Godís Gentle People; Higher; Gettiní Ready To Leave This World; Heaven Is My Home; Iíve Been Changed; If You Believe; Lord Lead Me On.

1999 Gospel Classics Hall of Fame Series Volume 2 (Hall Of Fame Records HOF-602-CD): The Great Day; Heís A Friend I Can Tell My Troubles To; Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over; Itís All Right Now; Hear The Gospel Story And Believe; I Can Call Jesus Anytime; Iíve A Precious Friend; The Early Morning Hours; When I Looked Up And He Looked Down; Inside The Gate; The Worldís Greatest Story; Oh, Why Not Tonight.

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